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Is the preparation of special fiber for cement concrete simple and easy?

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Is the preparation of special fiber for cement concrete simple and easy?

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A large number of engineering practices have proved that the preparation of special fiber for cement concrete is simple and feasible. Reinforced crack-resistant fibers

Simple physical reinforcement does not conflict with various aggregates, admixtures and cement used to prepare concrete. There is no need to change the original design proportion.

There is no special requirement for mixing equipment and it is easy to operate in commercial concrete mixing station or on-site.

There is no special requirement in construction technology, no special training is needed, and it is easy for workers to master.

Polypropylene anti-cracking fiber

No matter how good a product is, if there are many tedious operations in actual use, it will not be easy to popularize it. Good quality fibers are not only guaranteed to realize their functions, but also easy to operate and adapt to large-scale construction. Whether a polypropylene fiber brand can be rapidly promoted is also related to the simplicity and convenience of concrete preparation. Some fibre factories pack degradable paper bags, which are easy to disperse. When mixing in medium-sized and large-scale mixers, they can be directly put into mixing without tearing the paper bags. Small-sized mixers can be put in centrally at one time according to the amount of mixing, without manual shaking into the mixer. All engineers who have prepared polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete/mortar have a deep understanding of this. If mixing fibers requires special personnel to sprinkle a little bit into the mixer, how to meet the requirements of large-scale construction. In order to prevent uneven mixing or difficult mixing and dispersing of some quality fibers, flocculent aggregates can be observed directly by naked eyes, and the amount of fibers can be reduced at will during the preparation of concrete. It should be said that both the realization of functions and the preparation of concrete/mortar are not allowed. The slump degree of the mixtures mixed with fibers will be lost, but the workability of concrete can easily meet the requirements of pumping and pouring when the volume ratio is about 0.05-0.1%. There should be no special requirements in concrete preparation.

At present, the quality of construction personnel in China's construction industry is generally not high, and the construction management is relatively extensive. For large-scale construction of synthetic fiber concrete, it is necessary to have easy preparation, otherwise subjective problems will affect the preparation and use of synthetic fiber concrete, and in turn will affect the large-scale popularization of this technology.

Synthetic fiber reinforced concrete has been developed in foreign countries for more than 20 years. Since the mid-1990s, it has been developed in China and gradually accepted by the engineering community. China is a big country in the production and use of cement concrete, and the application of synthetic fiber concrete is only in its infancy. The popularization and development of synthetic fiber concrete ultimately depends on the low-cost domestic fibers. The improvement of synthetic fiber products for various projects is based on technological progress. Any quick success and instant benefit, or even fraud, will affect the healthy development of synthetic fiber concrete as a new technology.

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