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SY-K Expansive Fiber Crack Resistant Waterproofing Agent

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SY-K Expansive Fiber Crack Resistant Waterproofing Agent

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SY-K expansion fiber crack-resistant waterproofing agent is composed of sulphoaluminate micro-expansion agent, polypropylene fiber, waterproofing agent, reinforcing agent and other functional materials. The product has the common advantages of micro-expansion performance and crack-resistant fiber, as well as the superimposition effect of high crack resistance and permeability resistance

It is a kind of composite material with perfect mechanism and excellent performance. There are many manufacturers of this product in the market, which are uneven.

Editor of Technical Characteristics

(1) Dual protection and dual effect: SY-K expansive fiber crack-resistant waterproofing agent can improve the crack resistance of concrete from physical and chemical aspects, and provide double protection for concrete. On the one hand, a large number of synthetic fibers produce micro-reinforcement and mesh support, which inhibit the cracking process of concrete; on the other hand, chemical reactions occur between expansive components and cement hydration products. Moderate expansion should be produced to prevent shrinkage and cracking of concrete.

(2) Stage crack resistance and level crack resistance: micro-expansive agent mainly plays a role in the hardening process of concrete, while polypropylene fiber mainly plays a role in the plastic stage of concrete. SY-K expansive fiber crack-resistant waterproofing agent combined the two embodies the scientific concept of "stage crack-resistant, hierarchical crack-resistant", which can achieve the purpose of whole crack-resistant. They make the most effective contribution to concrete from different levels, in different ways and in different periods.

(3) Triple waterproofing mechanism: self-waterproofing of concrete structure, which relies on concrete body to realize building waterproofing, has been proved to be the most fundamental building waterproofing technology. At present, the widely used self-waterproofing measures of structure mainly include three types: compensating shrinkage, enhancing compactness and anti-cracking waterproofing. SY-K, which is composed of various functional materials, possesses the above three waterproofing mechanisms at the same time, so it has higher impermeability and waterproofing ability than a single component.

(4) When SY-K products are mixed into concrete, a uniform random bracing system is formed in the interior of concrete depending on the uniform distribution of large amount of fibers in concrete, which can produce an effective secondary strengthening effect and help to reduce the plastic shrinkage and stress of concrete during freeze-thaw. Shrinkage energy is dispersed to tens of millions of fibre monofilaments with high tensile strength and relatively low modulus of elasticity per cubic meter, which effectively enhances the toughness of concrete and inhibits the generation and development of micro-cracks. At the same time, the addition of numerous fiber monofilaments can effectively hinder the segregation of aggregates, ensure the early uniform water release of concrete, thus hindering the formation of settlement cracks. Practice has proved that the crack resistance of concrete mixed with this product is 75% higher than that of ordinary concrete.

(5) Improving the impermeability and waterproofing of concrete greatly. Adding a large number of micro-fibers can effectively inhibit the generation and development of dry shrinkage cracks and segregation cracks in early concrete, and greatly reduce the shrinkage cracks in concrete, especially the generation of connected cracks. A large number of fibers which are evenly distributed in concrete and adhere to each other play the role of "supporting" aggregate, which effectively reduces the water evolution and segregation of aggregate on the surface of concrete, thus greatly reduces the content of pore in concrete with diameter of 50-100 nanometer and larger than 100 nanometer, and greatly improves the impermeability. Compared with ordinary concrete, the impermeability increases by 60-75%.

(6) Strengthen the anti-shock and anti-seismic capability. After the concrete is solidified, the high-strength fibre filaments wrapped in cement adhere to a dense and disorderly distributed network reinforcement system, which enhances the body's solid force on aggregate, thus improving the wear resistance, preventing and controlling the generation and development of micro-cracks, increasing the toughness of concrete/mortar and increasing the ultimate tensile rate. The unique surface treatment technology of fiber products enables the fiber to bond closely with the cement base material, greatly maintaining the overall strength of concrete. When concrete is impacted, the fiber absorbs a lot of energy, which effectively reduces the effect of concentrated stress, hinders the rapid expansion of cracks in concrete, and enhances the impact resistance and seismic resistance of concrete/mortar.

(7) Enhance the frost resistance of concrete. Adding this product to concrete can alleviate the effect of internal stress of concrete caused by temperature change and prevent the generation and expansion of micro-cracks. At the same time, the improvement of impermeability of concrete is also conducive to the improvement of frost resistance. Contribution to greatly improve the frost resistance of concrete can be widely used in cold areas and various large volume concrete temperature crack control projects.

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