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Engineering reinforced crack resistant fibers

Engineering reinforced crack resistant fibers

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Detailed introduction


The road fibers produced by our factory are made of modified polyester chips through blending, spinning, anti-aging, surface lipophilic treatment, chopping and other processes. The reinforced crack-resistant fiber polyester fiber has many excellent properties, such as high modulus of strength, good heat resistance and thermal stability, good compatibility with asphalt and so on. When the fiber content is 0.4% of the mixture, a cubic meter of asphalt mixture will contain hundreds of millions of short fibers, which can improve the tensile, shear, compressive and impact strength of asphalt concrete, greatly improve the performance and quality of asphalt pavement, and make asphalt concrete have high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance, fatigue resistance, water stability, skid resistance and driving noise. Small advantages.


Action mechanism of road fibers

1. Reinforcement. Roadway fibers exist in the mixture as three-dimensional dispersed phase, which distributes randomly and overlaps with each other, forming a network winding constraint on the mixture, thus overcoming the relative slip between particles and the generation of cracks.

2. Road fibers have dispersing effect. Without fibers, asphalt mineral powder with large dosage is likely to become micelles and can not be evenly dispersed among aggregates, resulting in oil spots on common pavement. Fibers disperse micelles.

3. Road fibers have the function of adsorbing asphalt. Fiber material is easy to absorb oil in asphalt because of its large specific surface area, which increases the viscosity and adhesion of asphalt, and increases the thickness of structural asphalt film. According to analysis, the thickness of asphalt film is 65%~113% thicker than that of traditional mixture.

4. Road fibers play a stabilizing role. Fiber addition obviously prevents the flow of asphalt and makes the asphalt in a relatively stable state. Fiber has strong sustainability to asphalt. Usually at high temperature above 130 C, excess asphalt will drop on the surface of fiber. When asphalt expands at high temperature in summer, the voids inside the fibers form a buffer zone, which will not become free asphalt and oil flooding, thus playing a high temperature stabilizing role for the mixture.

5. Road fibers have the function of increasing adhesion and improving adhesion. Increase the adhesion between asphalt and mineral materials, and improve the cohesion between aggregates through the bonding of oil film.

6. Road fibers have toughening and crack resistance. Fiber has high modulus and strong elongation and deformation ability, and has effective stress distribution and crack resistance function, which can prevent low temperature brittle cracking caused by excessive viscosity of asphalt in traditional mixtures.

Road fibers have main functions

Improving the quality of asphalt concrete pavement, prolonging the service life of pavement, has a strong anti-aging ability: after anti-aging treatment, the fiber has a strong anti-aging ability, and has a strong acid-alkali corrosion resistance, so its durability is reliable.

Preventing reflective cracks and temperature cracks of asphalt concrete pavement, improving the tensile strength and crack resistance of asphalt concrete: The tensile strength of asphalt concrete with road fibers increases by about 15%, which will greatly improve the crack resistance and deformation capacity of asphalt pavement. The indirect tensile strength of asphalt concrete is doubled and the deformation is increased by 1.5 times. Therefore, the crack resistance and deformation ability of asphalt concrete are greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the reflective crack of pavement, temperature difference shrinkage stress and impact damage.

Preventing rutting and canalization of asphalt concrete pavement, enhancing high temperature rutting resistance and improving compressive capacity: The compressive strength of asphalt concrete with road fibers increases by about 15%, which can better resist load and deformation, and can prevent asphalt concrete from deformation and propagation under high temperature conditions.

Prevent pitting and water loss of asphalt pavement caused by high pressure: asphalt mixture with road fibers is added to pave the pavement without seepage or small seepage. Because the interior of the mixture is capillary water system, it is not easy to form large hydrodynamic force, so the mixture pavement with fibers has better water stability.

Road fibers have major uses

It can be used not only in asphalt mastic macadam mixture (SMA), but also in dense graded asphalt concrete (AC) and asphalt macadam (AM).

Densely graded asphalt concrete pavement surface;

Thin asphalt concrete surface (white + black) of old asphalt concrete pavement;

Paving asphalt concrete surface layer (steel + black) for steel structure bridge;

Cold patching, filling and roadside;

Strengthened airport runway and apron;

For bridge deck pavement.

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