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What is Explosion-proof Fiber

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What is Explosion-proof Fiber

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Explosion-proof fiber is a new type of composite material formed by adding the latest reagents to ordinary fibers, which is also not available to other fibers. It can be said that this is its unique performance. It can mix with other refractories evenly and bake after forming. With the baking temperature rising continuously and reaching a certain temperature, the fibers begin to soften, shrink, melt, and finally form pore and carbonize. They distribute in the construction body to form micro-network pore, which can open water-air passage, reduce internal stress and prevent bursting

Explosion-proof fiber is widely used in production activities. It can improve some properties of concrete, so it is widely used in construction industry. Adding waterproofing agent to the special reinforced fiber of asphalt pavement has the advantages of moisture-proof, crack-proof and abrasion-resistant, which plays a good role in waterproof tide of basement and civil air-proof engineering.


In recent years, we have been developing road construction projects, especially in the central and Western regions, because the traffic there is not perfect enough. When we build road projects, we need to use a variety of materials, so as to improve the overall performance of the road. Explosion-proof fiber is the material we need to use when building roads.

The effect of reinforcing bars and explosion-proof fibers in the mixture exists in three-dimensional dispersed phase, which distributes randomly and overlaps with each other, forming network winding restraint effect on the mixture, thus overcoming the relative slip between particles and the generation of cracks. Road polyester fibers have dispersing effect. Without fibers, asphalt mineral powder with large dosage is likely to become micelles, which can not be evenly dispersed among aggregates, resulting in common oil spots on pavement. Fibers can disperse micelles and road polyester fibers can adsorb asphalt. Fiber material is easy to absorb oil in asphalt because of its large specific surface area, so that the viscosity of asphalt increases and the adhesion force is stronger, which makes the thickness of structural asphalt film increase, and the special reinforced fiber for asphalt pavement has a stabilizing effect.

Cellulose fiber manufacturer introduces that the addition of fibers obviously prevents the flow of asphalt and makes the asphalt in a relatively stable state. Fiber has strong sustainability to asphalt, and the excess asphalt will drop on the surface of the fiber. When asphalt expands at high temperature in summer, the voids inside the fibers form a buffer zone, which will not become free asphalt and oil flooding, thus playing a high temperature stabilizing role for the mixture.

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