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Application Method of Polypropylene Fiber

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Application Method of Polypropylene Fiber

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Polypropylene fibers are now commonly used in many engineering materials, its application has brought us a lot of benefits, especially in many projects with stricter quality requirements. Here is how to use polypropylene fibers.

The application of polypropylene fiber should choose different dosage according to different engineering quality, dosage in the previous range, higher dosage of better crack resistance. From the special role of management, polypropylene fiber concrete itself is an inert material, instead of reacting with other specific components and additives, fiber admixtures do not change the original concrete structure. There is no special requirement for the performance index of aggregate.

Polypropylene for Concrete

Polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete mixing. Mixing time is slightly longer than that of non-fibre concrete by 30 to ensure that polypropylene fibers can be mixed in concrete

Adjust slump. Thickening of the fibers, so that polypropylene fibers are added to improve the viscosity of concrete mixtures slightly lower slump. Each project needs a different slump to make the works fall sharply and adjust the slump. If the experiment is not used in accordance with the construction requirements, the slump that does not increase the amount will not be applied before, but the slump that plasticizer or reductant increase should be used appropriately to meet the construction requirements.

Master the above application methods of polypropylene fibers, so that the effect of polypropylene fibers in use can play a thorough and vivid, so that the project can be completed satisfactorily, so that the use of polypropylene fibers can better benefit mankind.

Improve the toughness, fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance of concrete: adding fiber into cement matrix can reduce the brittleness of cement concrete and improve the toughness of the base material. Cement concrete mixed with fibers can withstand tens of thousands or even millions of repeated stresses of static strength, and still keep in good condition. This characteristic is beneficial to some cement concrete structures (such as roads, sidewalks, pavement overlays, warehouse pavement, etc.) which are often subjected to impact fatigue

Improving the anti-freeze and thaw damage ability of concrete: the anti-freeze label of cement concrete with fiber is more than doubled

Improving the durability of concrete: mixing engineering fibers prevents the chemical erosion of reinforcing bars in cement concrete, prevents the generation of macro cracks, the number of internal cracks, and improves its impact resistance.

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