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Use method and index of fire-resistant and explosion-proof fibers

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Use method and index of fire-resistant and explosion-proof fibers

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Explosion-proof fiber is made from polypropylene by special process. Mixing with other refractories evenly, baking after forming, with the baking temperature rising, and reaching a certain temperature, the fibers begin to soften, shrink, melt, and finally form pore and carbonize. They distribute in the construction body to form micro network pore, which can open the water-air passage, reduce internal stress, prevent bursting and improve the overall service life. Special fibers.

Scope of application: It is suitable for all kinds of loose materials, such as coatings, castables, amorphous refractories, concrete building materials, and the application effect is particularly remarkable.

Explosion-proof fiber performance:

(1) Tensile resistance, impact resistance and overall strength improvement.

(2) Hydrophobic, exhaust, crack-proof and explosion-proof.

(3) Shorten the drying cycle, simplify the heating process and prolong the service life of the furnace body.

Density of polypropylene fibers

Function mechanism of explosion-proof fiber: The product is evenly mixed with other refractory materials or aggregates, and baked after forming. With the baking temperature rising, and reaching a certain temperature, the fiber begins to soften shrink melt. Finally, the pore is formed and carbonized, especially the explosion-proof fibers at both high and low temperatures. They distribute tiny network air holes in the construction body, which can open water and gas passages, reduce internal stress and eventually prevent the occurrence of cracking.

Use methods of explosion-proof fibers:

(1) According to the type of mixer manufactured by the manufacturer, a proper amount of cement or ultrafine powder is first put into the mixer, and then a proper amount of explosion-proof fiber is mixed with it and put into the mixer. (Note: 1-2 kg/T explosion-proof fiber is suitable)

(2) The starter mixes the explosion-proof fibers and tests them back to see if the explosion-proof fibers are evenly dispersed in the mixture. If the aggregate is evenly dispersed, the aggregate is put into the mixer for stirring.

(3) According to the actual situation of the manufacturer, the specific dosage of explosion-proof fibers can control the mixing time at its own discretion.

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