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Why Polypropylene Fiber is a Fiber with a Long History

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Why Polypropylene Fiber is a Fiber with a Long History

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Polypropylene fibers were first industrialized in 1960 by Monte Carlini Company of Italy. In the mid-1980s, the annual output of polypropylene fibers in the world has exceeded 1 Mt, with more than 40 countries producing them.

The raw materials for producing polypropylene fibers are still limited to isotactic polypropylene, with isotacticity of 97%-98%, not less than 96%, average molecular weight of 180 000-300000, crystallinity of 65%, thermal decomposition temperature of 350-380, melting point of 158-176, and good mechanical properties.

Polypropylene Fiber Structure

Polypropylene fiber is a kind of high performance fiber specially used for concrete/mortar. It can effectively control micro-cracks caused by plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage and temperature change of concrete/mortar, prevent and restrain the formation and development of primary cracks in concrete, greatly improve the anti-cracking and impermeability, anti-erosion and abrasion properties of concrete/mortar, increase the toughness of concrete, and thus improve the concrete. Service life.

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