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HEA Crack Resistant Waterproof Expansion Agent

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HEA Crack Resistant Waterproof Expansion Agent

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Reinforcement of Crack Resistant Fibers I. Use

This agent is used to prepare shrinkage compensating concrete to form hydrated calcium sulphoaluminate to produce moderate expansion force (prestress), which can counteract shrinkage force formed during concrete hardening process, thereby reducing dry shrinkage cracks and improving crack resistance and impermeability. It is suitable for roof waterproof, tank, water tank, foundation post-pouring joint, concrete component reinforcement, waterproof and leakage plugging, reinforced concrete and prestressing concrete.

2. The agent is used to prepare self-stressing concrete and self-stressing mortar to improve crack resistance and impermeability. The concrete mixed with the agent can be used to make self-stressing reinforced concrete pressure pipes at room temperature.


This agent belongs to calcium sulphoaluminate concrete expansion agent, which will not cause alkali aggregate reaction of concrete. The concrete with this agent has good durability, stable expansion performance and continuous strength increase.

3. Dosage and usage

1. The ratio of UEA concrete is the same as that of ordinary concrete, but the *** low cement content should be > 300kg/m3, and the UEA general content should be 8-12% of the cement content. The ratio of UEA concrete should be determined by concrete mixing test before use.

2. Mixed concrete can be mixed in the field or in the mixing station. UEA weighing should be carried out by a special person. The error should be less than 0.5%. The metering device should be checked frequently. It can be mixed with sand, stone, cement and water at the same time. The mixing time should be guaranteed for more than 3 minutes.

3. When pouring, the free fall distance of concrete should be controlled within 2 m. When vibrating, the concrete should be uniform and compact, without vibration leakage, under-vibration or under-vibration.

4. Maintenance after UEA pouring is very important. It should be timely watered and maintained according to the temperature condition, so that the exposed surface of concrete remains moist and mixed. Maintenance time is 10-14 days. Negative temperature construction should ensure that the temperature of moulding is higher than 5 C. Thermal insulation should be maintained immediately after pouring.

5. If honeycomb dog holes appear in the concrete after demolition, the loose areas can be removed and repaired with UEA mortar or concrete.

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